Thursday, 10 March 2011

My Life in Movies is a collection of thoughts and impressions by A.R. While ostensibly a film blog, I also cover art and literature when the mood strikes me. There is no specific subject or theme to this blog, though there are recurring obsessions, such as film noir, psychological horror, and cinema as contemplation. Film, for me, is just another art form, one that is ideal for conveying rich internal realities. My Life in Movies is driven by personal impressions and recurrent obsessions, not qualitative “reviews” as such (though entries can be used as such, if you like). There are many movie blogs out there, but this one is mine.

About the Author
I am an artist, illustrator, writer, and sometimes-designer residing in a little bungalow in Kansas City, MO with a boyfriend, dog, and cat. Lunar-Circuitry houses my online portfolio of art, illustration, fiction, and poetry.

Recurrent Obsessions

Cinema: film noir, silent films, German Expressionism, Golden Hollywood, New Wave Cinema, psychological horror, intelligent science/speculative fiction, cinema as contemplation, art films, foreign films (primarily French, German, Eastern European, and Japanese), stop motion animation, black and white films, color and composition as symbol.

Art: the sublime; the grotesque; representational, figural, and narrative art; creation of surreal or fantastic space and environments in photography; photography as drawing based medium; Surrealism, magic realism, fantastical realism, and variants; visionary, outsider, and folk art; German and Austrian Expressionism, Neo-Expressionism; Symbolism and Aesthicism (”art for art’s sake”); Northern Renaissance and Baroque Art.

Literature: the grotesque, magical, fantastic, or weird; speculative fiction (SF); early Modernism; French symbolism; Southern Gothic fiction (anything vaguely Gothic); psychological horror; lyrical prose.

Further: Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Camille Paglia, psychology, sociology, anthropology, gnosticism, mysticism, Buddhism, comparative religious study.

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