Friday, 18 March 2011

"Art Limited"


Arrow About

Art Limited is for artists, critics and models who propose creative, personal and original high quality work which is recognized and appreciated.

It was designed to bring a personal vision of Art presentation over the Internet media. The idea was to propose something well designed, really fast and simple to display, with a lot of features to help artists to promote their work and share their passion and knowledge to other members. New technologies and amazing effects are interesting for games and shows, but a web gallery should help a work of art to be exhibited in the best possible way, and seen by as many people as possible. Many wonderful communities exists over the Internet and each one has its specificity, its public and fans. No one can pretend to be the best as human tastes are - still - personal.

Our vision and concept is to bring a emotive dialog between creators and visitors, helping them within advanced features to meet each other.

Arrow Community

Anyway, Art Limited being a community, any member can participate in advanced sharing, such as requesting comments, public or private, appreciations, working for a contest or manage his or her own projects other members can belong to. If someone is lost the community will help him, in private or via the forums, or directly during a picture specific discussion. All members are here to observe the works of art, but not necessarily for the same reasons. It is important to respect everyone's creations. Please take time to write a message, and re-read it, in order to be as clear in meaning as you would like others' messages to be about your own work .

Arrow Participating

Anyone who has something to share can join the Art Limited community. If you just want to share without exhibiting your work, the OBSERVER subscription is for you. If you only want to submit pictures to learn more and share opinions, then the BASIC account should fit your needs. In case of you being an advanced artist, you will choose the PREMIUM with the full community functionnalities. For professional, you will appreciate the PRO membership with powerful features, giving you all the possibilities to promote your work with success. Check out the registration page to learn more details about them.

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